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Bronx-born, working-class, African-American, bisexual, he came to the scene directly from a three-year stint as a Navy medic. The earliest pictures in the show, which has been organized by Antonio Sergio Bessa, director of curatorial and education programs at the Bronx Museum, were taken aboard the destroyer William K. Pratt, where he was stationed at the height of the Vietnam War.

IRGC Showcases Downed and Captured Western Drones (Video, Photographs)

Some shots are of the ship itself as a functioning war machine, which, although it never actually went to Southeast Asia during Mr. Far more interesting and experimental are images of domestic life at sea: sailors sunbathing; napping on deck, and rubbing shoulders in tight living quarters.

And most daring, are dramatically posed and lighted studies of nude male bodies: torsos, buttocks, genitals. In these images, the mood is erotic without being furtive. These are clearly collaborations with willing models.


After discharge from the service, Mr. By this point, just a few years after Stonewall, the piers had become the main stage for an openly expressed gay sexuality, and they drew Mr.

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Baltrop in. Initially he used his flexible hours as a cabby to visit and photograph them. Then, to gain more time, he quit driving, bought a van and, supporting himself as a freelance mover, camped there for days and nights on end. Life on the piers, with its definable demographic and culture of confinement, was not so different from that on board a ship, and Mr.

Baltrop viewed it both from afar and up close. The more than pictures in the Bronx show are very much about pulling back for the broad view, then zeroing in. He was careful to give the piers a context. He shot the waterfront neighborhood with its bars The Ramrod, Badlands, the Stud , its transient hotels, and its commercial truck parking lots which also served as nocturnal trysting places.

And he photographed, at varying distances, the abandoned shipping depots and warehouse sheds on the piers themselves. As a group, these images are invaluable contributions to American urban visual history, but also to art history. Other features include image scanning, global hotkeys, automatic filename generation, support for external editors, a color picker, a screen magnifier, a screen crosshair and a screen ruler.

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A built-in video editor allows you to draw annotations, apply zoom effects and cut unwanted sections. It even allows you to convert video files to animated gif files. Options to specify output destination internal editor, clipboard, file, printer What's New. Draw annotation objects such as texts, arrowed lines, highlights, watermarks, rectangles and circles Apply effects such as drop-shadow, frame, torn-edge and fade-edge.

Add image caption Resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, brighten, adjust colors Added " Auto Screen Capture ", which automatically and repeatedly captures the screen at user-specified time intervals Added " Auto-Send to Clipboard " option to the right click menu in Screen Ruler. This option sends measurements to Clipboard automatically Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version 8. Enhanced Draw tool. See "File Name" tab in the Settings Other minor improvements and bug fixes. Enhanced rendering quality of annotations in Draw tool Added 4 different dash styles to lines in Draw tool Added 4 resizing handles to the corners of captured images Added a sub-menu under the Open button in Editor for fast access to recent files Optimized video recorder for better CPU utilization Improved support for high-resolution monitors Other improvements and bug fixes.

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Picking a color from an enlarged image is easier Specify prefix and suffix to customize the format of RGB, Dec and Hex values Enhanced the "Acquire Images from Scanner" tool by allowing you to adjust the colors and lighting of scanned images Other improvements and bug fixes. Added support for unicode filenames throughout the software. Both number and letter stamps can be used on screenshots Other improvements and bug fixes.


Minor improvements and bug fixes. This allows you to convert your screen videos to animated gif files, which are supported by most web browsers Now you can drag and move the yellow control bar for screen video recording Other minor improvements. Version 7. In previous version, it is required to save the file first Other minor improvements. Added support of tabs to the editor. Now you can save multiple screenshots as a PDF file or combine multiple screenshots into an image within the editor Added a hotkey option to the Settings to activate the Capture toolbar if it is hidden Many small improvements and bug fixes.

Added " Screen Crosshair ". Check this option if you want to send a copy of the captured image to Windows Clipboard automatically every time you make a screen capture Added a " Reset " button to the Settings window so you can reset your settings to their default values Improved " Video Editor " Added " Step Forward " and " Step Backward " for navigation between video frames Fixed a bug: some part of video frames are black when viewed in the video editor Improved " Screen Ruler " Other minor improvements and bug fixes. Now you have an option to print directly to the default printer without showing the Print dialog Added Drop Shadow option to the Reflection tool under Effects menu Enhanced the video editor of the built-in screen video recorder Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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Pictures, Inc. Carrol Naish as Corporal Guarand as J.

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Retrieved: June 29, Farmer, James H. Pendo, Stephen.

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Aviation in the Cinema. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, Films directed by Roy Del Ruth. Hidden categories: AllMovie titles with invalid value.

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