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That is why I decided to write this article — I hope you will find it helpful. I must, however, include a disclaimer before you read any further! Today, there are a number of places where you can find a Tasks feature in the Microsoft landscape:. I can imagine you asking — what the hell!

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Outlook is a starter scenario for many users. You can simply flag them to convert to tasks well — this is not really true — flagging an email is different than creating a task. Ping me if you want to know more! There are some standard task fields such as title, priority, status, etc. You can even set reminders, recurring tasks, or even assign them to another person!

The biggest limitation was always the lack of integration with mobile clients especially those by Microsoft. Even if you manage to sync your tasks to another device, not all of them will be included for example, flagged emails.

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Back in , everyone was surprised by how quickly SharePoint usage grew. Platform flexibility and features such as tasks were some of the reasons. SharePoint task list is very feature-rich. The main problem with older SharePoint features is usability. You get a ton of features, but in the end, many of them require a lot of clicks. This just makes adoption hard and discourages users. The views are not mobile-friendly, and there is no easy way of syncing or working on the task list on a mobile device. When it comes to assigning a task to other users, remember that you can do it only for those who have accounts on SharePoint.

SharePoint 2007 Users Guide Learning Microsofts Collaboration and Productivity Platform

Tasks sent by workflows used to integrate with Outlook nicely. Unfortunately, this feature was disabled. The biggest pain of SharePoint tasks is that Microsoft no longer invests in them and from a future usage perspective, this is a dead-end scenario. OneNote is a one-way journey. Once you start using it, there is no turning back. At Predica we use OneNote for virtually every case. When it comes to managing tasks there is a simple process. Yes, it is! When they complete it in Outlook, the update will be synchronized with OneNote! Figure 4. Adding a OneNote task to Outlook. At our company level hardly anyone uses Outlook tasks, so I stopped doing it.

My recommendation for OneNote tasks:.

SharePoint 2007 User's Guide

Planner is part of the Office portfolio. It allows users to create modern, visually attractive plans. It has many features that competition such as Asana or Trello offers. If you have Office subscription and your scenario is group collaboration, it should be your first choice.

SharePoint 2010 User's Guide: Learning Microsoft's Collaboration and Productivity Platform

Figure 5. Example of a plan in Planner Source. There are two features that I would like to see in Planner. The first one is Outlook integration. The second feature is more granular permissions.

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Now if you assign a person to a task, they get permissions to the whole group. This means access to all tasks, documents, notes, conversations, etc. You can also vote or submit a feature request here. Figure 6. Example of a plan summary in Planner Source. When it comes to document creation and processing, Microsoft Word undoubtedly is the most popular productivity tool worldwide.

It is the industry-standard word processing tool used on most computers around the globe — almost everyone knows how it works, and a whopping number of people work with it on a daily basis. The application offers hundreds of templates to choose from and even more built-in editing tools to help generate professional documents for personal and business-related use while Word for Desktop includes editing and markup tools for sharing and editing among teams, Office versions of the program allow for web-based editing and sharing in real-time.

Just like Word, Google Docs has a wide range of document templates for all occasions. Google Docs can be used cross-platform, sync automatically, and are easily shareable. Much like Microsoft Word for word processing, Excel is the true front-runner and go-to spreadsheet app for anyone serious about crunching numbers.

Even though Google aims to make inroads with Sheets, which is included in G Suite, the program clearly is much simpler than Excel. Google Sheets key advantage lies in the ability to collaborate. When you are required to share simple numbers with 10 different people in a group, the collaboration feature of Google Sheets far outweighs the back and forth of e-mailing Excel files between people. When it comes to slideshows, the options available for creating presentations online are fairly similar, and the choice between PowerPoint and Google Slides might, at first glance, be a mere matter of personal preference and habit.

You can draw up a presentation from scratch, choose from hundreds of templates, and easily customize slide effects let alone the fact that you can create an entire, presentation-ready slideshow from a tablet. Google Slides is still a way off PowerPoint regarding what it can do.

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Although providing templates and basic features with which you can create a presentation to a decent standard, the application offers little else to show off your slideshow and give it a polished look. The biggest reason to go with Google Slides is collaboration. Office and G Suite are aiming at boosting workplace productivity and collaboration in the cloud.