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Naming schemes Fully supports custom naming of SQL backup files, descriptions and backup sets using date, time, type and other variables. Reorganize index Schedule or perform immediate index reorganization by modifying an existing table or a view index, against a selected SQL Server instance and a database, including compact large objects as an additional option.

SQL Server Recovery Models

Rebuild index Create a scheduled or an immediate index rebuild by modifying an existing table or a view index, against a selected SQL Server instance and a database. Mirroring and split backups Create multiple backup mirrors and split backup files. Files and Filegroups restore Restore Files and Filegroups per user selected Filegroups against specific database instances.

Intelligent backup cleanup Cleanup backup and restore history from msdb database.

Email notifications Get instant email notifications when a backup or restore job fails or when an important job is successfully completed Learn more. Multiple backup type support Create full, differential, transaction log, filegroups or files, and copy-only backups. Command line interface Schedule and run all backup, restore, and transaction log commands unattended. Backup validation Automatically perform validation of created backups.

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News Release notes. Solutions Troubleshooting 3. Videos 1. How to create a simple database recovery solution using SQL Server log shipping This article shows how to create and schedule a SQL Server log shipping job to prevent accidental data loss.

ApexSQL Backup installation and troubleshooting guide This article shows how to install ApexSQL Backup and its components, and provides solutions to known problems that might occur due to improper installation, or inadequate permission settings. How and when to schedule and perform shrinking of database files This article gives some insights on how and when to schedule and perform shrinking of SQL Server database files.

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Back up and restore SQL database instance using a. Publishing Information First Published Date. Last Published Date. Information Title. Environment Select the products and versions this article pertains too. NPM Be particular about the account you use for creating the backup, even if you decide to use another file type for the backup, such as MDF or LDF files. Administrator-like accounts with all rights give you the highest chance of creating the backup file successfully. For Destination, select Disk. To create a new database, enter its name in the list box.

Ensure that all the files are unique. Fill out my Wufoo form! Preview Connect to the FTP client using the Windows command line. How to identify your SQL Server version and edition.

Types of SQL Server Backups

You may find it helpful to consider the following points when planning your backup schedule:. The backup process is handled by Backup Operators. They are specific individuals given the responsibility to configure, schedule, initiate and monitor the backup process. So the question would be how much data is the organization willing to lose—data worth hours, minutes, seconds or nothing at all?

If the plan is zero data loss, then backup alone is not the solution. We need to use additional tools and techniques to achieve the desired result. As a general rule, the amount of time in between backups should be no more than the amount of time you are willing to spend redoing any lost work.

For example, if spending a week recreating the lost data is too long for you, you should back up the data at least once a week. The additional techniques that we mentioned for zero-loss model is called High Availability in most situations. The recovery point objective and recovery time objective are metrics that are usually decided by the business.